official easter egg hunter t-shirt
Official Easter Egg
Hunter : kids t-shirt

Easter Wallpaper

This easter image can be downloaded as a wallpaper (1024x768 pixels).

I created it on my computer using Paint Shop Pro 8. The sky was formed from a real photo of the sky above Jerusalem that I took back in 1990. I then blended the sun and rays of light. Using the dodge and burn tools I got the lighting suitable portentious.

easter wallpaper

The hilly background is a simple vector image. The cross itself was hand drawn, but based on Da Vinci's work. I decided to keep Christ's face in shadow, since my poor talent for faces would never do the subject justice.


Click through for the full size image which you can download to your computer.

This is free for non commercial use, but please do contact me if you wish to use it for a commercial purpose. Thank you.

I hope you like this image and wish you all the best for the Easter celebrations.