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Official Easter Egg
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Free easter bunny patterns

Here are some excellent easter soft toy patterns. Arts and crafts are great easter ideas and provide you with a keepsake or gift to offer to a loved one at easter..

Irene's easter bunny is a soft toy, 14" tall.

Clothespeg Bunny!

This one is a toy bunny with a bow tie. Sarah Bradberry says it is a reworking of a toy bunny she had as a child herself.

Jess Hutchison's bunny is oddly proportioned but adoreable nonetheless.


I have been thinking back to my own childhood and I had a yellow bunny. I say bunny, but basically it was a 'thing' with one long ear and some stiching where another bunny ear used to sit. Still, I loved it and it slept in my bed alongside donkey, ted, lil' ted, arthur the owl and me. Now 30 odd years later I have grown out of such childish things (except for Donkey and Ted who sit on a shelf by the computer to this day).