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Official Easter Egg
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Free easter bunny mask

Here is my latest bit of easter silliness. An easter bunny paper mask to print out and wear.

bunny mask bunny ears

Click on the 2 images above for larger versions of the easter bunny which you can print out yourself.

Select 'fit page' on your printer settings and you should get masks that both adults and children can wear.

I have found that the best way to fit them together into a bunny mask is to make a band of paper arond your head and glue the face to the front and the ears to the back of the strip. (see below for diagram).

If you want your easter bunny masks to have stiff rather than floppy ears either print directly onto stiff card or print onto standard paper and then glue it to card or laminate it.

The two holes for eyes need to be cut out with scissors carefully as rough cuts can make the mask look messy. I also advise taping drinking staws up the back of the ears to keep them upright.

The images are entirely the work of Chris Brown so please do not go and put them on your own website.

Thanks and happy easter.

easter bunny mask  


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