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Egg Dye

There are two main ways of Dying Eggs; diy or buy egg dye

Buying egg dyes or making eggs dyes yourself are the options. Natural homemade egg dyes are easy to do, but will not give as strong a colour as chemical dyes and are sometimes difficult to keep a uniform colour.

Using tea to dye easter eggs.

Tea is actually a pretty good dye. Just brew up a couple of teabags and once cool, dip your blown white eggs into the tea to turn them into brown eggs within about an hour. This might seem like a pointless exercise and you are right; unless you first draw a pattern onto the egg with wax or masking fluid. Then once the dye has done its work, remove the wax or masking fluid to reveal a beautiful white pattern.

I saw this done recently with fern leaf patterns painted onto the eggs and the finished effect was just lovely.

Using shop bought dyes

If you want high quality egg dyes for making pysanky eggs, then you will find it easier to buy egg dye. There are now many places to buy egg dye online. The traditional pysanky colours are Yellow, Orange, Light Blue, Light Green, Bright Red and Black. Make sure you purchase European Easter Egg dyes (regular food dyes are so much less effective).

If you find you enjoy it as much as we do, you may also want to buy a kistka (a special egg dye stylus). This is actually what is used to apply the beeswax to the egg. It comprises a comfortable handle with a brass funnel secured to the handle with copper wire. You heat the funnel in a candle flame of the candle and apply melted wax to the eggs.