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Official Easter Egg
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Easter Breaks

Easter is the first chance in the year for a proper family holiday. The great news is that it is also a time for some amazing bargains, particularly in hotter climes where the official season has not yet begun.

A prime example is the number of luxury villas that can be snapped up at amazing pre season discounts.

City breaks are always popular at Easter but as a result are sometimes not the great value we might hope for.

Easter break ideas.

Why not consider a country holiday instead. What about a walking holiday to blow away those winter cobwebs. Take the time to watch spring unfold all around you as you walk through the hills and valleys of your chosen destination.

Alternatively head south and find a beach. Just because it is early in the year doesn't mean you are excluded from working on your tan you know. Easter Breaks can be the best holidays of the year

Easter break issues

Some catholic countries pretty much shut down at Easter so think carefully about transport and food. Check inadvance that any shops and taxis you might need will actually be open.