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Easter Activities for Kids

If you’re wondering what to do over Easter and are stuck for ideas. Here are a few cheap and easy to organise activities for children (and the young at heart) based on traditional Easter celebrations.

Hold an Easter bonnet competition

Easter bonnet competitions arose from the tradition of wearing something new to celebrate the coming of Spring. This has evolved from simple wreaths of flowers and leaves worn on the head, to more elaborate bonnets. This activity reached its peak of popularity in the eighteenth century but is still commonly carried out in modern times, particularly in England and Wales.

An Easter bonnet should be themed around spring and Easter icons such as eggs, chicks, bunnies and flowers. A simple child's easter bonnet can be made easily by making a basic shape out of cardboard and sticking decorative items to it. Decorative items could include flowers, glitter, paint or crayons, ribbons and bows. The idea is to be bold and fun with designs.

Hold an Easter bonnet competition for your children and their friends complete with a judging panel and Easter themed prizes.

Make your own Easter cards

A lovely way of wishing Easter cheer to friends and family is to get the kids to create their own cards from stiff card and decorate them with an Easter theme.

To make a particularly snazzy card, why not try cutting the card into the shape of an Easter egg or the Easter bunny.

It’s also fun for children to create their own Easter poems for the cards. However, don't send any off to aunties and uncles without checking the content. Nicola wrote a two line masterpiece that went...

"The Easter bunny brought me an Egg
If you want a piece you’re gonna have to beg"

Decorate eggs

Decorating eggs can be really fun for children allowing them to come up with elaborate or whacky designs.

Decorations can range from a simple two tone design to a more elaborate multi-coloured egg. Simply coat the egg in one colour, allow this to dry and then apply as many other colours and designs on top as desired.

A great way to help provide ideas for decorating eggs is to give a theme. For example, nursery rhymes (Humpty Dumpty), favourite films or tv programme (an egg Yoda or Teletubby), or family and friends. This encourages more creative egg decorating where pieces of cloth and felt can be used to make clothes and hats for the egg characters.

Egg cups and egg box squares provide the perfect stand for showing off your finished eggs.

Before starting to decorate the eggs, make sure that you either hard boil or blow them first to avoid egg explosions.

Blowing an egg is simple. All you need to do is make a small hole in the top and bottom of the egg using a pin or needle. Then carefully holding the egg over plate or bowl simply cover the top hole with your lips and blow the contents out.

Find out more about decorated easter eggs.

Go egg rolling

Egg rolling is an old tradition that involves racing eggs along the flat or down a steep hill.

To compete in an egg roll race you first of all need to choose your egg, hard boil it and then decorate it before taking it to the egg rolling race.

The rules of the egg rolling race are simple. Everyone starts at the same point and when given the signal have to either roll their egg along the flat, or down a hill, until the finish line. The first whole egg to reach the finish line wins. Any egg that smashes before reaching the finish line is automatically disqualified.

Prizes can be awarded to first, second and third place as well as given for best decorated eggs.

Organise an Easter egg hunt

Invite round friends and family for an Easter egg hunt in your house and garden.

Hide Easter eggs and treats in nooks and crannies and start the hunt off with a few clues or a treasure map with “x” marking the spot of hidden chocolate treats.

To make sure everyone finds an egg make separate clues or treasure maps for each child.

Make your own Easter cupcakes

Easter cupcakes make lovely treats the kids throughout your Easter activities and are great alternative to having the little treasures overdosing on chocolate throughout the day. The cakes can be made up to a couple of days in advance and stored in an air-tight container.

Decorating the cupcakes is simple once they have cooled. Designs can be based on Easter themes using any of the many cake decorating bits and pieces available from Supermarkets and cook shops. Designs could be of animals, people, Easter nests etc.

Make your own Easter nests

Chocolate nests are the ultimate in easy cookery and the kids can definitely join in with adult supervision. Take a look at these instructions for easter chocolate nests.