official easter egg hunter t-shirt
Official Easter Egg
Hunter : kids t-shirt

FREE Easter Clip Art

Here are our free easter bunny colour-in easter clip art pictures. Please feel free to download and print any of these pictures of the easter bunny for the kids to color in. I drew these Easter Bunny pictures myself so if you download this you will not break anybody's copyright. Simple Clip Art is great for color-in and letting the kids do pictures like this makes the easter festival all the more special.

easter bunny picture
Easter Bunny with Basket

This is a black and white picture of the easter bunny for children to color in. It was drawn by Chris Brown.



A more realistic easter bunny picture for you. I drew this on easter sunday a few years ago.

bunny silhouette

This bunny silhouette could make the start of an easter card.

 Here is another easter bunny free picture I drew in 2007. Print it out and let the kids color it in.

easter bunny picture

simple easter bunny

This was my 2008 simple easter bunny for younger kids to colour in. I think he ate too many easter eggs. Happy Easter everyone.