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Official Easter Egg
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Happy Easter

The key piece of information on this site is the next easter date, i.e. the 2014 Easter Date

We have also got lots more. For starters, here is a great easter decoration tip.

How to make paper mache easter eggs

Save the see-through stiff plastic packaging that comes around most chocolate eggs.

If you smear the inside of one half of the plastic with vaseline you can then layer pasted newspaper strips inside and make a papier mache egg shell. Make it the thickness of around 6 layers of paper, allowing each layer to dry before adding the next. This is much neater and ends up a better shape than the usual method of layering papier mache over an inflated balloon.

Once your eggshells are dry they can be easily removed from the reuseable plastic mould (we smeared them with vaseline, remeber) and decorated however you wish. Bring them out next easter and use as table decorations. If you are feeling particularly crafty, join two together to make a complete egg that comes apart. then you could fill it with treats (mini eggs) for the kids.

This site has lots more Easter related articles. They cover things to do at Easter and gifts for the easter holidays, plus facts about the history of the festival. We welcome all religions and denominations to this site.


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